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Subscription Box

Subscription Box
People have been asking about some sort of subscription box offer. We are happy to finally start offering them. Here is how it works:

1) Choose a small box with two 6oz bags or a large box with two 16oz bags.

2) Fill in information with your dogs name(s) and what they like best. We'll customize your order every month. Keep us updated as we send new products and seasonal subscription only treats for them to try.

3) Cancel or change your subscription anytime.

How It Works

Step 1: start your subscription
and tell us what your dog(s) like best.
Step 2:
We'll pack a box and send an alert every month.
Step 3:
Receive your package monthly. Cancel anytime. Look out for seasonal treats and new recipes

Start Your Subscription

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Questions About Subscription Boxes

Questions About Subscription Boxes
1) What if I want to cancel or change my subscription? You can do it at any point. Just let us know on the contact page.

2) How do subscription boxes differ from your monthly re-order option? The re-order option lets you pick a specific treat and have it reordered monthly. Subscription boxes offer more variety. They come with two 16oz or 6oz bags every month and we change the flavor and include seasonal treats and new recipes.